A Woman Likes A Man That Goes Hard Hip Hop-Spoken Word Promo2

A woman likes a man who go hard by Kamal Imani
This is a hot and funny woman's anthem! It's about getting "Harry" off of the couch and back to work like a real man as spoken by a real man. Its real talk spoken word poetry with a flavorful hip hop beat, It's the perfect ringtone for the ladies.
“I don’t need you to bring me down”
“I don’t need you to bring me down”.

My my baby

Mannn, you got a fine woman, you must a forgot, that a woman like a man that go hard!
I know you’re working on your dream nah mean? but if it aint brining in no cream, You best GET A JOB!
and in the morning when she rise to take care of the kids or she on her way out, don’t be laying there snoring, drooling on the pillow, sleeping on the bed or playing games, or watching the game, while farting on the couch. Take a note from that movie and Get Out!
I mean, while you sitting there passing gas, you can be somewhere pumping gas, blowing leaves, shoveling snow or cutting grass, Or, go to an agency that staffs, just get out the house and get that mulah. And now there’s no more excuses, cause you can get paid with lyft, or uber. Womens likes mens that goes hards so maneuver!
She been supporting your dream but when money tight!
And when she lock up the cookie and yall have that money fight…
It’s time for the deaf dumb and blind to finally see the light
Cause remember the time man
And remember she’s fine man
And if you’ve become blind man.
You better act like Ray Charles and feel her hand
Ahhh, maybe now you’ll understand
So instead of worrying about her jumping off with a dough man
You better step up your money game like hustle man
Cause when a womens fed up, you might find your Jordan’s, Timbs and alligator skins on the street fam
So get a job or make a job, cause I can’t resist a sweet sista, but she like a man who go hard!
And the church say….Amen!
Go hard!
Go hard!
Go hard!
A womans likes a mens that goes hards.
Get a job!
Excuses are like nails that build houses called failure and there’s nothing worst than a good excuse!
Man, get a job!

“I don’t Need you to bring me down”
“I don’t Need you to bring me down”
Download @ https://kamalimani.bandcamp.com/track/a-woman-likes-a-man-that-goes-hard


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