Dallas Based Urban Hip-Hop Artist Released Erykah Badu Inspired Single


LOS ANGELES, CA – TDashMo or Tyrone Montgomery, may be one of the younger heavy hitters in the industry, and his vivacious drive and hunger for delivering quality music definitely sets him apart from the rest. As many artists have moved around in their earlier careers, TDashMo is no stranger to this lifestyle. Originally from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Montgomery discovered his love for music at the ripe age of nine years old. Like most young boys, he played a vast array of sports, but soon came to the realization there was something bigger in the works for him.

Moving from city to city with his family as a child, he will always remember and appreciate how music kept him connected. After witnessing his aunt singing one evening, he caught on to the vibe and decided he would give it a go himself by entering into his first local talent show. Much to his surprise, Montgomery won the entire show with his newly debuted musical talents.

Throughout junior high and high school, he continued performing in talent shows, with some of the results turning out better than others. Between the age of 14 and 15, Montgomery and his hip-hop group “TTA: Totally Awesome” auditioned for the popular TV show “The X Factor”. The group advanced several rounds before ultimately getting eliminated. As TDashMo has never succumbed to complacency, any setback motivated him to strive for more. The fruits of his hard labor became increasingly evident when Montgomery was offered a full-ride choir scholarship to Navarro College at the end of his high school career.

Shortly after attending Navarro College, Montgomery made his own decision to withdraw in order to solely focus on his own music. Back in Dallas, Texas, Montgomery made his way through the city as he performed his music at several venues such as House of Blues. His music began to gain traction, in which his fan base continued to evolve. No matter what TDashMo does in his career, he makes it clear that his goal is for his voice and influence to make a positive difference. By following his own crafted originality, Montgomery allows his biggest motivator, the man upstairs, to guide his path.

Earlier this year in January, TDashMo was invited to perform at Music Week in Jackson, Mississippi, in which he was able to showcase his raw talent so close to his birthplace. On May 25, TDashMo released his highly anticipated single, “Call Tyrone”, which is available on Spotify and iTunes. At 21 years old, Montgomery has produced much success in his musical career, as he showcases his true soul and art form through his music. To make sure you don’t miss out on this release, make sure you follow TDashMo here:

Twitter: @Tywezzybby Facebook: TdashMo ReverbNation: TdashMo YouTube: TTArise Datpiff: TheyHearttta   Soundcloud: tyrone-blackkhalifa-montgomery

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