Manny Mane brings fans a new, elite brand of hip-hop

manny mane

RICHMOND, CA – Hailing from the cityscapes of California’s Bay area, rap and hip-hop recording artist Manny Mane is one of the hottest young artists operating out of the West Coast today.

Known for his unique persona paired with a dynamic and versatile style, Manny Mane has been hitting the ground running since choosing to go professional with his music last year. His first single, “Take Off,” quickly garnered positive reception and critical acclaim, and his follow up single “Don’t Stop” has received equal praise.

And now he’s ready to launch his newest project, a mixtape called “For Your Ears.” The compilation of work that he’s been developing in recent months will drop on May 30, but is currently available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon. Mane said the songs on the mixtape not only display his diversity, but show the world a new artist who is exploring his unique sound while mastering the art of storytelling through witty wordplay.

“I’m finding my own sound along with talking about life experiences and messages that are close to me,” Mane said of the mixtape. "It’s filled with numerous messages and things people can relate to, but mostly it’s just be doing what I love, which is music.”

Prior to 2016 Mane was mostly known for his work behind the scenes as a producer and DJ. He said he started making beats in middle school when he stumbled upon a drum machine and became fascinated with the art of making unique rhythms. Eventually that developed into DJ opportunities, until last year he decided it was more than a hobby – it was something he was meant to be doing, so he might as well be doing it full time.

With a year under his belt, he’s proud to bring fans a new, elite brand of hip-hop. He said it’s not your typical hip-hop or trap music, but a sound that’s completely different from anything previously heard.

“When people hear my music I want them to get an uplifting feeling, if the song calls for it, or at least to relate and notice something different or out of the ordinary by what they’re hearing,” Mane said. “And ultimately I want my music to inspire people not to be scared to chase after their dreams. I never really thought about being a rapper, mostly because I was always timid and shy. But I decided to break through that shell and show that nothing can stop you if you go for what you truly love. This mixtape is just a warm-up. It’s going to sound great, and I hope that when people realize how great it sounds now that they’ll be anxious to hear more of what is yet to come.”

To listen to Manny Mane’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following:

Instagram:  @mannymanemusic
Twitter:  @ItsMannyMane
Snapchat: @mannymanemusic

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