Child actor turns to R&B and Hip Hop, releases new album ‘#TRUSTHEPROCESS’c


CHICAGO, IL – After years of success as a young actor on the show “Reawakening,” Alexander Gonzalez – AKA Cornbread – is ready to embark on a new career path: music. But he doesn’t want people to think he’s a pretender when it comes to music, like so many other television-first stars have been. He wants to leave a mark on the industry and be known as a bonifide artist who has real lyrics and catchy tunes.

To date, he has released a handful of singles, including “Turn Up” and “RokkIt,” both of which have created a positive buzz throughout Chicago and on into the Midwest. His most recent release is a song called “Be Jordan.” It features D.I. and is a song that he said is set to burn up the airwaves.

But all of those singles have been merely a precursor to his album, “#TRUSTHEPROCESS”, which he released earlier this month. It’s an album that was executively produced by rap legend Da Brat. Its 14 songs touch on various topics all pulled from Cornbread’s hectic life of acting, family and music. The title nods to the trust that he and Da Brat had to have with one another, and the trust that others in Cornbread’s life had to have in him going down this path.

“Everyone trusted us as we were doing it,” he said. “And it was a great process working with Brat. Mostly this album is about relationships with women. I tend to write about females a lot. I don’t write about violence because I’m about kids and positivity and everything that goes with that. So I’ll talk about females and money and what’s going on with my family.”

His first single off the album, “Passenger Rider,” is a perfect example of that style of writing. It’s a song that he wrote while in a relationship with one woman but enjoying the company of another woman on the side.

“It’s about linking up with the side girl and still messing with my main girl,” he said. “It’s way laid back, which is the way I like to write music. It’s good to turn up sometimes, but I like people to really listen to what I say.”

For turn-up music, Cornbread points to a second single on his album called “I Came Up Featuring the Brat.” While still an R&B song, it has a high tempo. It also highlights a relationship with a woman, though this time with more of a nod to his conscious choices to pursue music in favor of all other commitments.

Through all of his songs, Cornbread points to his “swag” as the most notable thing about his unique sound and style. It’s a trademark that he said he can put on anything “and kill it.” It’s also a character trait that makes him immediately personable for almost everyone he meets.

“At the end of the day I don’t sound like nobody,” he said. “I have my own sound. I’m telling my own story. Plus I’m positive and I don’t cuss in my songs. Bad music makes the neighborhood bad, but positive music makes you happy and makes you want to do some positive things. That’s what my music is all about.”

To listen to Cornbread’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links:

Video Links:  "Passenger Rider"
"Gettin 2 Me
Come Wit It  

Mixtape Link: Itunes: #Trustheprocess  

Social Media: Instagram: @cornbread_flylife
Twitter: @cb_flylife


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