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Up-and-coming Texas rapper turns heads with new single ‘Get the Work’


LUBBOCK, TX – A bit of melody, a bit of singing, and a blend of thought-provoking lyrics laid down through a laid-back rapping style is the perfect combination that makes up the music being brought to fans by the artists known as Difference.

Coming out of Lubbock, Texas, Difference is a new rapper who is dedicated to bringing a…


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New East Coast artist launches new EP as first project under new label Audio Tamers


BOSTON, MA – For many years, GodSend has been an aspiring hip-hop artist who also worked full time to try to make ends meet. When not putting in a 9-to-5 day, he was gathering the pieces he would one day need to make the full leap to professional music. It was a long road, but it was his dream. And one day on the job he got a call from a frustrated woman…


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Louisville Based Hip-Hop Duo Commander & Chief Take Summer by Storm with New Mixtape “Going Crazy”


LOS ANGELES, CA – Louisville, Kentucky is home to two bloodline brothers who have been taking the rap and hip-hop scene by storm for the past few years. Commander & Chief is comprised of these two musically gifted siblings, Emmanuel Obamas and Dread Head Gillie, who have collectively made their mark in the industry thus far. Their fascination…


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Positive energy oozes out of new music from Kansas City artist Pdot


KANSAS CITY, MO – Phoenyx Wiggins – known in hip-hop circles as Pdot – has a naturally curious mind. He’s always wondered about the intricacies of music-making. He remembers being younger listening to songs on the radio and thinking about how those songs might sound if they had different instrumentation or beats. In fact, it was that natural curiosity that…


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Young Hustler Ka$h Route turns chase for money into successful music career; launches fifth studio album project “The High Times Of Ka$h Vol. 2”



TAMPA, FL – DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) native & upcoming Composer\Singer\Rapper\Producer, Kyle “Ka$h Route” Reedy has always been someone looking to make an extra buck. Even as a young boy he was always looking for the next hustle – juggling many different money-making ventures. Instead of lunch breaks in school he would battle local mc’s, play…


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D-Eazy shows off progression of personal style with new single, forthcoming album


ALBUQUERQUE, NM – D-Eazy is a musical artist in the truest sense of the word. His beat is his canvas, and when he creates music he gets to paint the best version of a masterpiece.

His most recent masterpiece comes in the form of a new single called “The Wave.” It’s a song that features the artist YMTK, with D-Eazy’s deep lyrics telling the…


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Hot new Florida rapper 2 Gudda creates buzz with new singles, upcoming album


WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Gabriel Elias Tirado is the epitome of the American Dream.

Better known as 2 Gudda, he is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and entrepreneur who has started making waves in the music industry with his most-recent releases. And that early success is set to be magnified with the upcoming release of his album, “Progress…


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Long Island Poet and Songwriter Anthony Maragni Releases First Album “Obliteration City”



LOS ANGELES, CA – Long Island Native Anthony Maragni has been fully immersed in the world of poetry ever since his younger years. When asked exactly how long the 27 year old has been writing poetry in addition to songs, Maragni recalls it being a part of his entire life ever since he can remember. Growing up, he listened to all different genres…


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Atlanta Based Hip-Hop Artist 2 Cool Bran Releases “HeartBreak Kid 2”


LOS ANGELES, CA – From the urban neighborhoods of East Atlanta, 2 Cool Bran has a deep-rooted appreciation for hip-hop and rap. As music has been a part of his life ever since he could remember, one could say that 2 Cool Bran is not a stranger to natural lyrical and musical abilities. 2 Cool Bran was surrounded by music at a young age, as his…


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Rocky Jones launches anthem for summer with new ‘Single for the Summertime’ on June 20

rocky jones

SCRANTON, NJ – Summer is fully upon us, which means it’s time for that Summer anthem, and Rocky Jones thinks he has the song to fit the bill.

It’s a single called “Single for the Summertime,” and it’s made for all those people looking to just let loose and have a good time. The song is slated to be released June 20 worldwide on…


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Fresh UK artist catches attention of big names after only three months of pursuing music!

milli pic

There aren’t too many people like Milli in the United Kingdom and that’s especially true when you consider that she’s a UK girl making hip-hop tracks with an EDM / Pop feel.

To hear her tell it, there’s not really anyone in the market out there right now like her. And her resume – after only three months of making music professionally…


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Italian model turns to music with new single ‘Touch – The Sky’

lord conrad pic

MILAN, ITALY – Lord Conrad is a hot new musician out of Italy whose artistic philosophy reflects his own sweet, altruistic and sensitive character. He believes people should focus on spreading positive messages and be themselves by following whatever their passion is.

“I love helping and listening to others,” he said. “I think that…


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Louisiana artists pair up to create hot new album ‘From The 3’

adam wise

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Numerology plays a strong role in the lives of hip-hop artists Adam Wise and Jaz Flow. The study of numbers and their influence on the world has helped shape who they are as individuals and led both of them to think about things on a higher level. And it’s from that way of thinking that the album “From The 3” was born.



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Philadelphia Native and Rapper Dapper Doe to Release EP “3 AM Takeout” this July

dapper doe


LOS ANGELES, CA –Straight from the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia, Dapper Doe has been writing songs ever since he can remember. Growing up around other rap artists in Philadelphia, Dapper Doe knew he wanted to make a career out of his innate enjoyment of hip-hop and rap music. Throughout his career, he has always made connections with local,…


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Hip-hop veteran Azariah expands fan-base while launching new EP


ROCHESTER, NY – Growing up in Rochester, New York, Darius Franklin’s mother was a devout and strict Jehovah’s Witness. He remembers her reading the Bible all the time, and he grew up learning all of the stories from the Bible that his mother would share with him. He was always fascinated with the names from the Old Testament, and one in particular that struck…


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Canadian singer with voice of an angel inspires fans with new album ‘Daydreams Are Reality’


ONTARIO, CANADA – A rich cultural heritage combined with intense life stories and a beautiful voice all come together in perfect harmony for a hot new artist coming out of Canada.

Her name is Icielani, and much like her music, her name reflects the cultural heritage coming from a humble upbringing. Icielani was born in her grandparents’…


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Art and Music Collective Basement Surfers Release Human Music


Seattle, WA – Pacific Northwestern group Basement Surfers aren’t quite a “band” in the traditional sense of the word. Their platform is music, mostly, but their performance goes beyond your standard display of musical talent (though there’s plenty of that to go around). Instead, it’s a “collective,” a group of people banded together to make something…


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It’s Upgrade Season for Hip Hop: Introducing Nelly Bando


Los Angeles, California – Nelly Bando is only twenty-one, but has experienced more of the world than most. Born in Lagos, Nigeria to African parents, he moved to the United States at a young age where his music would take shape. At 16, he moved to the UK where he attended the University of Essex and found a knack for a new hobby: music. One summer, he trailed…


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Dayton Based Hip-Hop Artist PLX to Release Second Mixtape this Summer


LOS ANGELES, CA – Straight from Dayton, Ohio, Cam Simmons, also known as PLX, has had an affinity for music ever since he could remember. PLX has been a dedicated rapper for the majority of his life, and recently started placing a bigger focus on his career. The 19 year old began making his own music almost two years ago while he was still in…


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Young hip-hop artist highlights positive qualities of a new generation with new EP

jordon ceasar

CHICAGO, IL – Jordan Caesar is a 20-year-old rapper from Chicago, Illinois who is on a mission to show the world that his generation cannot be pigeonholed into a specific sound or style. Coming from a city that is known for its unique “drill” sound, Jordan is a man apart and is forging his own path. And when people hear his music, he hopes that it helps to…


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