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Philly-based rapper Fuge encourages fans to move past mistakes and on toward success with new single ‘Move On


PHILADELPHIA, PA – While “Move On” is the name of the most recent single from Philadelphia-based rapper Fuge, it’s also so much more than a title. In fact, it’s the mission statement by which Fuge lives.

Coming from a life on the streets, the artist formerly known as Fugitive was desperate to find a way out. He tried things that got him in…


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Alabama-based musician embraces unique identity, encourages fans to explore new ideas


ROANOKE, AL – When people see YBMrDoItAll on stage, they don’t know what to make of him … and he loves it! Standing on stage with dreadlocks and a guitar at a hip-hop concert always seems to throw his fans off, and he fully embraces the identity of someone who doesn’t do things as expected.

“More than anything, I don’t want…


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CDK Vybez brings international fame to U.S. audience with new album ‘FREPALE’


LAS VEGAS, NV – Chrishaun Evans-Fowler – better known as CDK Vybez – is a third-generation musician who has taken the international stage by storm and who is ready to expand into the U.S. in big ways.

Born into a musically gifted family, CDK’s grandfather L.C. Scurry was the lead trumpet player for Ray Charles, while his father was…


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Milwaukee-Based Hip-Hop Artist Pauly V to Release Visual Mixtape this Fall


LOS ANGELES, CA – For hip-hop artist Pauly V, music has always been a part of every fiber in his being. The artist grew up in the rough streets of Milwaukee, where he remembers how the odds were against him. Through weaving through the ups and downs that come with life, Pauly V developed his own career path through music, as it was his preferred medium to…


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Pharaoh sends out notice to the world that he has arrived and is ready to dominate the rap scene


FAYETEVILLE, N.C. – By the time Pharaoh was 9 years old, he had already developed a strong love for music. He remembers growing up in the projects with his cousin, using a scrounged-up tape recorder to record themselves as they sat around free-styling some of their favorite songs from Tupac, Nas and Jay Z. And though he admits he wasn’t that great back…


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Detroit rapper overcomes personal loss to recreate hip-hop career


DETROIT, MI – After the summer of 2016, OG Blizz faced one of those defining moments that every artists faces.

He’d already released two mixtapes to modest success, and was prepared to take his music to the next level. As a kid coming out of the streets of Detroit, Michigan, he was familiar with all of the local artists and their…


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Talented Singer and Songwriter Mike Masch Releases Jazz-Hop Album “Sanguine on Amplified Boulevard”


LOS ANGELES, CA – Music has always come easy to Mike Masch, a producer, singer and songwriter from Ann Arbor, Michigan. The artist got an early start in his career, at the young age of five years old. Growing up, he took a liking to piano, in which he would take lessons to grow his innate talent. This alone started to quickly develop the passion he…


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Louisiana rapper showcases 90s-era hip-hop with new singles, album


SHREVEPORT, LA – Fans who want to know a little bit into the personality and character of Shreveport-based rapper Troof need look no further than the title of his new album, “The V.A.N.S. Project.”

Set for release in early 2018, this album is one that he said he’s been working on for quite awhile, and features music that showcases his…


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Joshua Marzz showcases evolution of sound with new album ‘Spoils of the Voyage’


WILMINGTON, DE – Joshua Marzz is on a musical journey, and he’s inviting an ever-increasing number of fans along with him.

At only 21 years of age, he has already released four projects to date, and his upcoming fifth project is one that he’s particularly proud of because it showcases an evolution in his music. The title of the project is…


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Grammy- Nominated Hip-Hop Group Conceptz Releases “Grind Mode”

000Conceptz Photo 2

LOS ANGELES, CA – Brotherly love has a whole different meaning when it comes to hip-hop duo Conceptz. Comprised of two talented brothers, Highrowglyphfix and Short Fuze, Conceptz has been on the music scene since 2011. Originally fom Orange County, New York, the two brothers have always been heavily into music, both separately and…


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Charlotte Native and Hip-Hop Artist Kae to Release Upcoming Self-Titled Mixtape


LOS ANGELES, CA – For hip-hop artist Kae, music has always come to him naturally. At the young age of 8 years old, the artist first discovered his deep-rooted passion for music. Growing up, Kae was constantly surrounded by music and lyrics, as his father heavily influenced him. It’s safe to say music ran through his blood. During his middle school years,…


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St. Louis Based Hip-Hop Artist DWill Just Released Hit Single “Drip”


ST. LOUIS, MO – DWill is a hip-hop artist who has set out to spread his own flair in the music scene. Inspired by hip-hop genius Kanye West’s album “College Dropout”, DWill decided to utilize his passion for music and create something out of it. Growing up, the artist enjoyed listening to all genres of music, and began to develop his own…


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Hip-Hop Artist Z Releases Newest Single "Camera"


LOS ANGELES, CA –Originally from San Diego, hip-hop artist Z has always been a dedicated fan of music. One can say he has always remained committed to anything he sets his mind to. To this point, as Z was growing up, he was extremely focused on his studies in school, which was something his father instilled in him. A good work ethic is not something…


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New Jersey rapper launches solo career with new album ‘Ceize the World’



NEWARK, NJ – As a man influenced from the underground environment of Newark, New Jersey, Ceez is a hip-hop artist who brings a unique approach to the genre, creating vivid word pictures with creative punchlines and a distinct cadence. The way he weaves words around the beat – words thick with meaning and realism – is something so unique that no one else in the…


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Hip-Hop Artist Ze Forte’ Arrives with the Heat with New EP “Upon My Arrival”


LOS ANGELES, CA – Originally from Trenton, New Jersey, Hip-Hop artist Ze Forte’ has been pursuing his musical dream ever since he could remember. When asked how early he got started in his career, the artist recalls how he began rapping at the ripe age of 12 years old. What initially started out as a hobby, rapping would soon become a full-fledged career…


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The Mob Reintroduces R&B with New Mixtape “Watchtower”


LOS ANGELES, CA – Just when you think you’ve found your favorite R&B artist, you discover a group that is changing the industry one step, or sibling, at a time. Cue Atlanta-based R&B group The Mob. A performance group comprised of five ultra-talented siblings, Shake, King, Queen, Rome and Kash, The Mob has set out to make a lasting imprint in the…


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Richmond-Based Trap Rapper Fisha P Releases Third Mixtape, “Trapper Of The Year”


LOS ANGELES, CA – Fisha P is a rapper who has set out to make the music industry his own. Originally from Bridgeport, Connecticut, the artist has always been heavily into music. Once he discovered his talent through multiple styles of rapping, he never stopped pushing forward in his career.

In 2016, Fisha P decided to completely buckle down…


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Coogi Blue 7 Releases New Follow-Up Mixtape “The Blue Room, Volume Two”


LOS ANGELES, CA – Hailing from the hot deserts of Phoenix, Arizona is hip-hop artist Coogi Blue 7, who is truly no stranger to bringing the heat quite literally. As a child, the artist was heavily into the musical arts. To that point, Coogi Blue 7 was a member of a traveling performance group called Little Stars. Through singing to different crowds of…


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St. Louis Native and Hip-Hop Artist Boo from the Lou to Release “Original Game Changer”


LOS ANGELES, CA – Ever since he knew how to write a rhyme, Boo from the Lou has been vigorously molding his musical career over the course of his life. Originally from St. Louis, the artist has had an undying passion for hip-hop ever since he can remember. What begun as a vision at eight years old would later blossom into a full-fledged career for…


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Detroit Based Hip-Hop Artist Sir Pay Pay to Release Upcoming Mixtape to Inspire Independent Artists


LOS ANGELES, CA – Detroit native and hip-hop artist Sir Pay Pay has always been in love with music, ever since he could remember. As a child, he discovered his passions through singing, as he would perform in talent shows when he was in school. Sir Pay Pay adopted a change of pace when he decided to start rapping, which later blossomed into an actual…


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