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The Underground Music Awards (UMAs) is an event, like the Grammy’s, that gives the urban underground artists the respect and recognition they deserve.  DamatrixStudios.com supports them in many ways, and have been doing so for years.  Together, they are moving urban underground music to new levels that continues to become bigger and stronger every year.

The CEO/Founder of DaMatrix Studios Broadcast Network (DSBN)/Recording Studio, DWI – the world’s most influential producer, established his business in 2000.  He also helped start the UMAs nine years ago and has been a part of the growth.  Not only has he been a part of the growth, but as his business grew, so did the influence it had on the UMAs.

DaMatrixStudios.com is the only station that covers the UMAs live on location, and has done so for the past two years.  The studio invites nominees to send in music to be put into rotation and also welcomes artists in for live interviews.  This allows the fans to become acquainted with the artists and the music in each category and helps boost votes.

The UMAs is a movement and DaMatrix Studios supports and helps move the movement.  Help them, help you.  In the end, it’s all about networking your career and taking control of your destiny.  You may be a fan of DaMatrix Studios, but DaMatrix Studios is a fan of yours.

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